Our Teams


“Experienced PMU artist with an eye for detail, who knows how to blend the results of a procedure so it looks perfectly natural” Tridha graduated from the Indian Art College and chose a life of artistry for herself. While working as tattoo artist, she caught the eye of her mentor & founder of Facelift, Punam… Continue reading TRIDHA


“Tattoo artist with a penchant for understanding skin pigmentation. His steady hands have contributed to countless successful Tattoo removal sessions.” Aditya has led a colourful life working in many different occupations from Aviation & hospitality to luxury retail. His inner compulsion to work as an artist led him to the art of inking designs on… Continue reading ADITYA


“Senior artist and dreadlock specialist who can completely change your appearance!” Akshay is a Mechanical engineer by education whose artistic inclination made him change the course of his career. Akshay now works full-time as a tattoo & dreadlock artist. He has been wrapping hair and braiding dreadlocks since 2017 and always achieves spectacular results. He… Continue reading AKSHAY