Dreadlocks or dreads are done by braiding and locking hairs. They are creating a new fashion statement. Dreadlocks can be done with your own hair or hair extensions can be used if you want a longer dreadlock. Hair wrapping is also a service provided to decorate your dreads and you can also bedazzle your dreads with accessories or charms.


The reasons for wearing dreadlocks or hair wraps are as diverse as the individuals who wear them. Just as each of us is unique; our locks express a journey through time, appearance, weave, and perfect imperfections. Our dreadlocks are a way of showcasing our story!

We’ve been braiding and wrapping hair for many years & our team of experts can address all of your requirements. Mermaid, unicorn, box, and micro braids, as well as braided extensions, hair wraps, and cornrows, are just a few of the styles of braids we offer here at Facelift.

Do you have dreadlocks that need some care - locking the roots, and cleaning up the sections? Need to repair weak spots and correct irregularities that formed over time? We have got you covered.

Already have dreadlocks you love, but would like them to be longer or in a different color? Maybe you want Locs that are thicker or maybe you want to learn about a partial, or total, makeover. Perhaps you cut them off back then, and now it's time to put them back? Let us help you step forward boldly on your Dreadlock journey!

Before the procedure, we thoroughly sanitize the tools, stations, and implements to remove any chance of topical infections. By proper segmentation of your hair, we ensure that your scalp is not affected during the procedure.

During the consultation, we offer a short but effective after-care routine to keep your hair & scalp in great shape.