Founder & Lead Artist

Punam Barua Das

Punam is a passionate, well travelled ardent art lover who is keen on touching lives as an artist. She started her career in a completely different vertical but decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. She worked as a Human Resource Executive and after spending a considerable number of years in that industry, she decided to make a switch. Her never-ending love for art and tattoos, specifically, made her gravitate toward the industry. Thereon, she began her journey as an artist in 2012 and has been affiliated with Lizard’s Skin ever since. Punam has been extremely passionate about her career as an artist and has excelled in the same.

Since she was little, due to constant travelling across the globe, she was exposed to makeup and tattoo art. Her interest in exploring the industry was piqued from childhood. As an artist, her core belief has been to create something for her clients through understanding and valuing their needs. Permanent Makeup had been one of Punam’s interest areas for a while. Although the concept of Permanent Beauty is a relatively new area of cosmetology, our artist Punam has embarked on this journey already. Punam founded Facelift, Permanent Beauty Clinic with a vision to help people feel beautiful in their skin. She is an internationally certified Permanent Makeup artist.