Our Team


“Tattoo artist with a penchant for understanding skin pigmentation. His steady hands have contributed to countless successful Tattoo removal sessions.”

Aditya has led a colourful life working in many different occupations from Aviation & hospitality to luxury retail. His inner compulsion to work as an artist led him to the art of inking designs on people. Eventually he found out that he was really good at working in the Laser Tattoo Removal procedure. 

Aditya feels fortunate to have learned the art of precise Tattoo removal from Punam Barua who showed him the techniques and level of precision achieved by clinics abroad. He feels that people get tattoos because they want it but come in for removal only when they really need it. He feels joy in helping people whose life had been obstructed by an old tattoo they might have got on a whim. 
Aditya is an Expert in removing tattoos without affecting the surrounding Dermal layers and has successfully performed Laser Tattoo removal on countless clients. The results and client testimonials, all speak for his natural talent in this procedure. Aditya believes that patience and perseverance are the key to a good removal session. This is especially true because Tattoo removal is a multi-session process and ample time must be allowed between sessions for the skin to heal completely. He stresses that the detailed inspection conducted during consultation is the most important step in any Tattoo Removal procedure.