About The Mentor

Punam is a passionate, well travelled ardent art lover who is keen on touching lives as an artist.  She started her career in a completely different vertical but decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. She worked as a Human Resource Executive and after spending a considerable number of years in that industry, she decided to make a switch. Her never-ending love for art and tattoos, specifically, made her gravitate toward the industry. Thereon, she began her journey as an artist in 2012 and has been affiliated with Lizard’s Skin ever since. Punam has been extremely passionate about her career as an artist and has excelled in the same.

Having spent a significant part of her formative years traveling abroad, Punam Barua was exposed to the Fashion and Beauty industries in Europe, which became a passion for her. Although she Graduated in Chemistry & later transitioned to a flourishing career in HR, Punam held on to her dream of offering the same high standards in Makeup & Beauty procedures in India. In 2012 she finally decided to go all in and changed her career to align with her passion. At that time, Permanent Makeup was almost unheard of in the subcontinent but she believed that it would help a lot of people improve their lifestyle. Punam earned her Permanent Makeup degree and formed the Facelift Permanent Beauty Clinic, which began offering PMU procedures for the first time. 

At Facelift Permanent Makeup Clinic, Punam has a host of these machines with state-of-the art facilities to offer. Through her humble initiative of bringing permanent makeup to the forefront, she has been able to educate a lot of people about the difference between Permanent Makeup and Tattoo artistry. For instance, a lot of her existing as well as potential clients have doubts regarding the ink used for Permanent Makeup, the pigments used for Permanent Makeup  are quite different in terms of longevity as opposed to tattoo inks which continue to fade away with time. 

With advanced machines and techniques, Facelift has designed to offer clients the closest to skin feeling which doesn’t feel artificial or dramatic. The machines present at Facelift are here to help clients get a wide range of features and benefits for their skin, be it any type. Facelift ensures only the best machines and artists are allowed to touch the skin of clients which minimizes risk of allergies, infections so clients can continue to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin no matter what the concern.

Punam has had clients from across the Eastern Region of India and this has made her recognize the need to have a means where she could train people who are looking at learning the craft of Permanent Makeup. Eastern India, for the last few years, she has been increasingly focused on training the next generation of PMU professionals through a collaboration with Lizard’s Skin Artdemy.