Our Team


“Experienced PMU artist with an eye for detail, who knows how to blend the results of a procedure so it looks perfectly natural”

Tridha graduated from the Indian Art College and chose a life of artistry for herself. While working as tattoo artist, she caught the eye of her mentor & founder of Facelift, Punam Barua. She began learning the ins and outs of Permanent Makeup from Punam who made her practice for long sessions before allowing her to work on a client. Tridha lived up to her mentor’s faith by successfully completing PMU procedures ome after another. Because Tridha had an eye for pigments and skin colour, Punam encouraged her to perfect Lip Correction and Lip Blush, which was in line with Tridha’s sense of aesthetics. Tridha believes that nothing affects the face as much as the lip does. Just like Punam, she helps people to restore the natural colour of the lips in cases of vitiligo, scarring or darkening. Tridha has been working as a PMU artist at Facelift since 2021 and since then has mastered various other procedures such as Eyelash Lift. Lash Lifts can bring about a substantial yet subtle change to one’s face by highlighting the eyes. Not to forget that it frees you up from mascara or curling rods.

Tridha has started to act as a course supervisor under Punam for the new students of PMU. She thinks that nothing makes a person’s face beautiful as much as high-quality and natural PMU. Tridha knows how to achieve perfect healed results that she achieves.