Is Permanent Makeup actually permanent?

Permanent makeup is also called semi-permanent makeup because it stays for a few years depending on the skin and It fades with time.
Anything on our face is semi-permanent because of the skin.

Is Permanent Makeup same as tattooing?

Permanent makeup is also called cosmetic tattoo or micro-pigmentation. It’s because only the procedure is similar like tattoo. But the pigments or machines etc are completely different from tattoo equipment.

The skin on our face is different from the rest of our body parts that why we use proper pmu products for permanent makeup.

Does Permanent Makeup hurt?

It does not hurt much because we use anesthesia before and during the procedure. So it’s an almost painless process.

What is the healing period of Permanent Makeup?

Since permanent makeup is similar to tattoos, the healing time is also similar to tattoos. It takes up to a few weeks and you must follow the aftercare thoroughly. If you are having any issues then you can contact the artist.

How do you choose the correct clinic? What makes Facelift Permanent Beauty Clinic different?

To choose the correct clinic please do some research. Firstly look into the works of your artist. Make sure that they do a consultation beforehand to check up on your skin, ask about your medication, and also make sure you understand the process. They should maintain hygiene and be very professional. Last but not least make sure they do not use the same equipment as tattoos as permanent makeup equipment is very different.

How long do I have to wait after facial treatments like botox or chemical peel to get Permanent Makeup done?

You should get Permanent Makeup done after 60 days of any facial procedures or surgery. Then appoint an appointment with your artist and they will be able to guide you further depending on your skin.

Can I come in for a touch-up if the procedure was done by someone else?

Please come in for a consultation. It is possible but it depends on the skin. A touch-up is not possible all the time.

Do I require touch-ups?

It depends on the skin and the aftercare. These procedures are done in a few sessions and the final procedure is supposed to last for years.

Are there any side effects after the Permanent Makeup procedure?

If the aftercare is followed properly then there are no chances of getting any infections.

Who all should avoid Permanent Makeup?

People who take allergy medications, blood thinners or medication for their skin should avoid Permanent Makeup.

What should not be done before Permanent Makeup?

You are not allowed to drink or do drugs for a few days before and after the Permanent Makeup procedure.

What if I want to remove Permanent Makeup?

Removing permanent makeup is not always an option. Rarely can it be removed by using a laser. As this is a permanent procedure so please check your artist’s work beforehand, come in for a consultation and understand the process clearly.