Our Team


“Senior artist and dreadlock specialist who can completely change your appearance!”

Akshay is a Mechanical engineer by education whose artistic inclination made him change the course of his career. Akshay now works full-time as a tattoo & dreadlock artist. He has been wrapping hair and braiding dreadlocks since 2017 and always achieves spectacular results. He got interested in locks when he got braided himself, it was still so uncommon that he decided to learn the craft himself.

Although some people associate dreadlocks with rebels and addicts, Akshay has found that his clients are artists, nature lovers & spiritual souls. Akshay feels that any artist worth his salt would turn down clients whose hair length or texture would not support dreadlocks. Dreadlocks need commitment to maintenance – one needs to use silk pillows, tie up their locks and separate them by hand every day. Akshay is deadset about not using chemicals so that the scalp is not damaged although this all-natural method does need touch-ups from time to time.

Akshay thinks that taking care of the scalp through proper segmentation is essential for locks that stay for a long-time. He believes that its “better to underdo than overdo it.” Natural results and aesthetics—this is the essence of a good hair session according to Akshay.