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‘Facelift – Permanent Beauty Clinic’ by Punam Barua Das is a Permanent Beauty Clinic that aims at redefining one’s natural appearance through the process Permanent Makeup. Our artist Punam, has been regarded as a trusted name in the city for a wide range of Permanent Beauty services. Punam has travelled to a lot of countries and has experienced her childhood soaking the western culture, her interest and enthusiasm towards the culture piqued therefore. She has been long associated with Lizard Skin Tattoos, where she has learnt the dexterous art of hair wrapping and dreadlocks. Her association with Lizard Skin Tattoos goes back to the year of 2011, with almost a decade of exposure and experience in the industry she has transitioned into the field of Permanent Beauty. A certified professional Permanent Beauty expert, she has been trained abroad and her expertise in the field is known to both Lizard Skin’s and her extensive clientele. ‘Facelift – Permanent Beauty Clinic’ is an extension of Lizard Skin Tattoos and in addition to all the services provided by Lizard Skin also Punam has also ventured into a fairly newer section of beauty. ‘Facelift – Permanent Beauty Clinic’ intends to help one gain newfound confidence in their own skin everyday.

The vision of Facelift Permanent Beauty Clinic is to be effortlessly beautiful and there are cheaper and less invasive ways to gain confidence. We offer services like Scalp Micropigmentation, Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing, Lip Pigmentation Correction, Dreadlocks, and Tattoo removal. These procedures are done for cosmetic reasons and medical reasons and therefore not bound to a particular gender. Punam Barua started Facelift Permanent Beauty Clinic on 27th December 2019 with a vision to help everyone and boost their confidence. She wants to help people understand that it is very easy to be beautiful inside out. It is not necessary to go under the knives and spend hundreds and thousands of money on painful procedures.  She wants to spread awareness and correct information about permanent beauty in India.  Permanent makeup always comes along with its own stereotypes! Permanent Makeup is always mistaken for tattoos and only for girls. These stereotypes are not true at all. Permanent makeup is very different from tattoos in terms of techniques and pigments used. Permanent Makeup is an almost painless procedure as anesthesia is used which is not used in tattoos. Permanent makeup is a very delicate process and hence impeccable hygiene is our utmost priority. Surgical-grade equipment is used to maintain a sterile field as it is very important for sensitive facial areas. The facial skin is very sensitive and needs extra care! Permanent Makeup’s motto is to boost your confidence and help you reduce the hassle of putting on makeup every day.  

Permanent Makeup is known to help people with a plethora of issues, whether it’s getting a lip tattoo to a scalp micropigmentation, you can be sure to trust Punam with your various needs. Her range of services includes Scalp Micropigmentation, Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing, Lip Pigmentation Correction and BB Glow Treatment For the Face among others. Punam’s Facelift Permanent Beauty Clinic has been among the top names associated with Permanent Makeup in Eastern Region of India. Facelift has also been influential in terms of imparting knowledge to the people of Kolkata about the significance of Permanent Beauty. 

Since Facelift’s inception in 2019, it has focused on a simple goal of making people feel confident, beautiful and satisfied with who they see in the mirror. Not only for cosmetic reasons, but Punam’s vision was also to help those who wish to opt for Permanent Makeup owing to medical reasons. Needless to mention that Facelift maintains impeccable hygiene and sanitary measures required to conduct all these procedures. Along with expert artistry, Punam has gone above and beyond to ensure international standards are maintained while carrying out the services.

With an increase in the popularity of Permanent Makeup, people have started to understand the difference between Tattoos and Permanent Makeup. This also includes the various different equipment that is used for Tattoos as opposed to the machines used for Permanent Makeup.

Founder & Lead Artist

Punam Barua Das

Punam is a passionate, well travelled ardent art lover who is keen on touching lives as an artist. She started her career in a completely different vertical but decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. She worked as a Human Resource Executive and after spending a considerable number of years in that industry,… Continue reading Punam Barua Das

Our Teams


“Experienced PMU artist with an eye for detail, who knows how to blend the results of a procedure so it looks perfectly natural” Tridha graduated from the Indian Art College and chose a life of artistry for herself. While working as tattoo artist, she caught the eye of her mentor & founder of Facelift, Punam… Continue reading TRIDHA


“Tattoo artist with a penchant for understanding skin pigmentation. His steady hands have contributed to countless successful Tattoo removal sessions.” Aditya has led a colourful life working in many different occupations from Aviation & hospitality to luxury retail. His inner compulsion to work as an artist led him to the art of inking designs on… Continue reading ADITYA


“Senior artist and dreadlock specialist who can completely change your appearance!” Akshay is a Mechanical engineer by education whose artistic inclination made him change the course of his career. Akshay now works full-time as a tattoo & dreadlock artist. He has been wrapping hair and braiding dreadlocks since 2017 and always achieves spectacular results. He… Continue reading AKSHAY