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Consultation is the most important step before starting a Permanent Makeup Treatment. This is because skin varies in texture, color, sensitivity, and so on.

Therefore it is important for artists to check your skin in person before treatment. Every face is different in its own way and artists need to check out the structures, tones, and textures in order to pick out the correct pigments to meet your expectations. This step is necessary for you to understand what you can expect from these sessions also because it is permanent.


Mapping is an essential step that is carried out before a PMU session like Lip Correction or Ombre Brows can start. During this step, your facial structure is measured and marked properly so that your eyebrows and lips can be of perfect shape and blend right in. Precise mapping is essential to a successful PMU session because, without proper knowledge & measurement of Facial or Body anatomy, the results will be out of proportion & look out of place. This step is akin to the stenciling that Tattooists perform before starting their session.

Choose your pigment

After the artists check your anatomy, skin tone, and texture, they will help you choose the perfect pigment needed for your procedure according to your requirement.

After all these steps we can finally start with the process of Permanent Makeup where all hygiene is maintained and well-equipped products are used. It seems similar to a tattoo but it is pretty different in terms of technicalities. The important part is that this process is permanent so please do your research on the artist before choosing yours.


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