Giving clients a fabulous PMU result feels superb but one can do more harm than good without a proper hygiene routine. Facelift Permanent Beauty clinic is well equipped with industry-standard Autoclaves & other necessary equipment. Our PMU experts are rigorously trained in a strict sanitation routine and carry years of experience in safely carrying out PMU procedures without a single event or infection from our clients!

Any procedure that involves breaking or puncturing the skin carries an inherent risk of blood-borne pathogens. Our strict hygiene protocols help negate the risk of topical & sub-dermal infections. We sanitize the stations & equipment before & after carrying out each procedure. We use a variety of processes for sanitation including heat, UV light & anti-microbial solutions. All of the tools & the artist’s workstations are covered in plastic wrap and discarded after the procedure.

Almost every piece of gear used during a PMU procedure is disposed of safely after the procedure is finished. The list includes gloves, face masks, wipes, micro-needles, protective covers, vessels & leftover pigments. The blade section of the microblading tool, or holder, and needle cartridges for PMU machines, are disposable and only meant for one use.

Maintaining Hygiene during the aftercare of a procedure is just as important and to this end, we have specialized aftercare regimens for each PMU procedure. During consultation & after each procedure we explain the guidelines to each client in detail. Any PMU procedure that involves breaking the outer layer of the skin is susceptible to infection & the particular patch of skin must be treated as an open wound. Adhering to the aftercare routine is essential for quick healing and perfect results.