Hi I am Tanima, I almost didn’t have any eyebrows at all. I was searching about microblading on the internet and the best name I got was Facelift. They have videos on YouTube, I checked them and contacted Punam. She guided me very well and when I visited she helped me understand the process. After that I had my first session and I got really good results from that. I always had to draw my eyebrows before so now I am very happy. My eyebrows look good. This is my second session and I hope my eyebrows will be better after this. I don’t even need to put makeup on my eyebrows as they have become very good.

It wasn’t that painful at all. They took a lot of time and carefully did my brows. The whole process was very good and I enjoyed it.


At first, I used to have dark lips and I always wanted a lighter-toned lip. I searched for it and I came to know about Facelift from Instagram. I came here for lip blushing. I was really scared about the outcome so believe me when I say that after the first session my lip tone has become lighter and gives a natural pink look. If anyone wants they can contact this place and you will like it.


This is Banani and I came here for eyebrow microblading. This is after the completion of my second session. I feel very good as previously my eyebrows were very light and I had to draw it everyday which took a lot of time. Now I’m so happy that this always gives a natural look . I never thought that the outcome would be so good and now I don’t have to draw it so it saves a lot of time. Before it took a lot of time to do my eyebrows before office but now I’m free from that problem. I am really very happy with the outcome of my eyebrows.


Hi my name is Anupama Das. Years ago I got a tattoo which I was not completely happy with and I wanted to remove it. So I came here at Facelift and I got to know about this place from a friend of mine. I previously used to think that tattoo removal is something that will take only one session. After coming here they explained to me the entire process that it takes several sessions based on the shade of the tattoo. I had a darker shade so I will need about 5-6 sessions. I have already done 5 sessions with them and I am completely happy with it.


Before my lips were really dark and pigmented so I wanted a pinkish tone. After I got to know about Facelift, I came here. I have completed 2 sessions and the lip tone that I have now is a lot lighter than before like I wanted. Also the pinkish tone that I wanted has come too.